Vim Shortcuts Wallpaper

My little weekend project for the last couple of weekends is up at The Vim Wall I got the idea from Ted Naleid after he posted a blog post on vim movement shortcuts wallpaper

The Vim Wall

The project was written using Ruby On Rails. It’s hosted on heroku and uses amazon s3 and the paperclip gem to handle the image uploading and the processing of adding the shortcuts image over the image that you upload. Once it’s all done it uploads the finished image to the your Dropbox account.

It uses Dropbox WTF?!

So why use Dropbox to upload the image? Mostly for personal reasons, I love my Dropbox. I use it a lot and one of the things I do with it is have a wallpaper folder hooked up to rotate images on most of my computers. It’s a pretty sweet setup. Plus it’s pretty cool to learn the Dropbox api and see what you can do with it.

So that’s The Vim Wall

If you like it or wanna give me feedback send me a message on twitter or email me. I’ll post up the source code on github soon.