Stickers. I’ve developed a sticker addiction. Ever since I went to ruby midwest in 2013 and I got a ruby sticker with the state of Oregon outlined on it. I received it by one of the speakers at the conference. I thought WOW COOL! Since then I’ve been collecting stickers and putting them everywhere.

Giving Stickers

After I got back I shared a couple stickers with one of my coworkers and I noticed that he had the same reaction. Giving away something as silly as a sticker actually felt good. I went online and found a developer sticker pack that was sold by StickerMule. It had a chrome, twitter, Ember.js, stripe, dribbble, GitHub and NewRelic (nerd life) ones. I thought that was pretty cool and ordered a bunch to give to my coworkers. When they finally came in I passed them out to everyone. The feeling was the same. It cheered them up.

Even recently one of my friends went to Ruby On Ales. They had a awesome sticker set that featured the ruby logo and beer glasses (my favorite things). I asked if he would be able to pick some up. When he got back from Oregon he handed me two of them and they were pretty bad ass. I traded him some dribbble and GitHub Octocat stickers and we both walked away feeling pretty happy.

This is stupid. Stickers are lame. Why stickers?

To me it’s like Christmas. It’s the chance to get something silly and kind of cool. It’s something unique and it might represent something I like. Likewise when someone gives you one. It makes you feel special that someone was nice enough to think about you and that it shows you care. We often get to caught up in the routine of our jobs. We deal so much with machines and communicating digitally that we forget about human side.


It comes down to the act of giving and doing something special for someone else. The best part is, it’s as simple as giving out stickers. So order some. The next time you want to cheer someone up all you have to do is pull one out of you bag and hand it to them. It’s worth it.

Some places that I’ve found good quality stickers for developers.