why i'm leaving apple.

I thought I would write about my experience with Apple. Maybe it might ring a bell for you but I need to get this off my chest because it still upsets me.

I’ve been using Apple products for years, Macs, iPhones, iPad and I really like their devices they work great for the most part. They are over priced but that is something you have to expect. I used to tell people, you are buying quality. They aren’t about to sell you something that is going to die in a couple of years. They control the software that runs their hardware. I’ve seen this quality dropping though over the years. I think lots of apple people have also. It feels less and less like you are buying something of quality. Apple I think knows this as well.

When I left using Linux for Mac 6 years ago, I thought it was great. The quality of the applications and still having some of my favorite tools from Linux still available. It really was a great laptop. I had an iPhone at the time as well and it was amazing to see how everything synced up without much effort.

So why am I leaving Apple? It all started this last weekend. My wife made an appointment for Saturday at 6:45pm for the Apple store at our mall. It’s the only one here in Iowa. We decided to take the family with us because it’s an hour drive and we figured we could get something to eat and let the kids play in the play place.

My wife had to take her phone in because her Touch ID was no longer working. She had only had it for 2 months. I was pretty certain that Apple would take care of her phone. It was under the Apple 1 year warranty. When we got to the mall I took the kids to the play place and she went to the Apple store. She came back about 15 minutes later saying they would have it fixed for her in 2 hours. I was kind of amazed that it would take 2 hours but I figured it gave us time to get something to eat and look around at the different stores in the mall. This mall is the largest in Iowa so lots of stuff to see.

When the 2 hours were up, she proceeded to go back to the Apple store and I took the kids to play in the play place again as we waited. She came back about 20 minutes later. She said they wouldn’t fix it. That there was water damage. She then had a look of confusion on her face, then said the home button doesn’t work anymore. I told her to take it back to the store and have them fix it. She walked back and about 15 minutes later I walked in with the kids. I was pretty irate already. Most people who know me know I’m a pretty relaxed, easy going person and it takes a lot for me to get mad.

I stood by my wife and listened to them explain to her why they weren’t fixing her phone. They said water damage. They found that the indicator in the inside had water but the outside indicator did not. She said she’s never dropped her phone in water. Her case actually protects against this so I knew that this was their way of denying her service. She asked them, well you broke my home button to the point I can’t use the device now, can you please just fix. They said no. I stepped in with a few choice words. I don’t normally swear but in this occasion after breaking my wife’s iPhone even more, calling her a liar about water damage and then refusing to fix their mistake I was very upset. They then proceeded to try and sell us a new iPhone which we would have to pay the out of pocket cost for an unlocked iPhone. My wife then said no, we want to talk with a manager.

The store manager came out as a pretentious, arrogant, and smug. He did not care about us, what had happened or how we should be treated. As a manager myself this person had failed before he opened his mouth. He didn’t ask us about the problem and proceeded to tell us there was nothing he could do to fix the mistake they made. He actually had the nerve to call my wife a liar again. I told him very sternly that he needs to fix this now. He told us there was nothing he could do and that he could sell us a new one. When then asked to talk to his supervisor. He said he was it (which Apple was very upset about later). I had enough, I said thank you for nothing you dumb mother fucker. He then responded back with how good of a father I was for cursing in front of my children. I knew instantly this person didn’t care about us. He was aggravating me on purpose now to get me to react in a way that would have me probably escorted out by security. Which for his sake he was very lucky that I did have self control. I would have put him in the hospital. I’m a good father. I also know when using bad language is appropriate and in this experience it was appropriate. I apologized to my children that they had to witness this but I also explained to them that you have to put your foot down and express yourself in a way that sometimes isn’t the nicest way when people you are dealing with are total trash.

When we got home we proceeded to call Apple directly. We explained the story in detail. They responded in a way that was caring and understanding. They made a formal complaint inside of Apple against the store manager. (There goes his career advancement inside Apple). Apple then allowed an exception to be made and apologized for the actions of the store manager. My wife had a new iPhone free of charge sent to her today. We also left negative reviews on facebook and on yelp. I hope to god that store manager never see’s me again on the street.

This experience is what is driving me away from using Apple now. I stood with them for years, using their products and recommending them to friends and family. Apple failed me though. I can no longer support a company that promotes people that do no treat their customers fairly. The fact that they could promote this person to a store manager is beyond me. The experience was the end of my relationship with them.

It also made me realize how dependent we have become on them. I don’t think this is healthy. We should be diverse with our technology. It shouldn’t be a all in or all out deal. I’m probably going to continue using them for a little while. I don’t have the money to make a switch but as time goes by I will be looking to move away from them and their products. I’m looking forward to running Linux again and going back to an Android device. Maybe not even Android, maybe something new. It’s time to stop following and start looking at new things again.