New Years 2017.

2016 was hard on lots of people, it seems that it took more for most. Losing family members and trying to keep your head above water. Trying to stay positive is hard but it’s the key to keep on going. The road ahead is always filled with ups and downs and tight turns. Things get bad, but things also get better. 2017 might be the year we all realize we had to struggle hard in 2016 so 2017 could be the best.

I thought I would update and share my goals for 2017. I did this last year and I think it helped me stay on track. It’s a nice reflection of how your priorities change over time and when you feel you aren’t amounting to much, you can try to find one of your goals to accomplish.

Goals of 2016

I managed to do most of these this year. I haven’t kept up with the blog but that’s one thing I need to do for 2017. Expect more hardware projects.

Goals for 2017

So future self, don’t slack on this. It’s for your best interest to keep up with it.

I wish everyone a happy new year in 2017. Keep up with your goals!