Building a Raspberry Pi Cluster + Docker Swarm.

I recently gave a talk to the DevOpsDsm group about building your own Raspberry Pi cluster. In the talk I covered how to build a cluster, including all the parts you need to build the network and the cost. It’s actually pretty cheap when you think about a 4 node cluster compared to most computers.

The second part of the talk goes over how to setup and get Docker Swarm working with the nodes. This is probably the more difficult part but I was able to demonstrate this with my own cluster.

The third part of the talk goes over how to build your own Go lang app, what changes you need to make for Go to run on ARM and the changes you need to make to your Dockerfile so you can run your own application on your Raspberry Pi cluster.

If you are the leader of a group and would like me to talk to people about this subject please let me know. I would love to give this talk again and show off my raspberry pi cluster.

Here is a pic of me with my cluster.


I uploaded the slideshow to and if you want to see it.

Building a Raspberry PI Cluster + Docker Swarm