New Years 2018.

Wow Happy New Year everyone! 2017 was a pretty decent year for me. The best was the birth of my 3rd child Emmett. He was born on 11/7 so it was a good time and he got to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with all our family and friends.

Looking back I found new hobbies and got into one old one. I plan on keeping up with these because it’s helping me grow and express myself. I’m obviously talking about FISHING! and ANSi art. I also completed lots of my goals I set forth for in 2017.

I picked up playing the Ukulele this year after a friends daughter got one and showed it to me. This instrument is the first I’ve been able to actually pickup and play with and have fun.

Goals for 2017

Most of my goals I got completed. I got to speak at the dev ops user group about my raspberry pi cluster, then got to talk to girl scouts about programming and show them scratch which was lots of fun. I got lots of exercise from hiking and fishing this year. It also helped me develop a healthier mind and the best part was taking my 6yr old and 4yr old out to experience things in nature.

With these goals in mind and thinking about new accomplishments I want to try these goals for 2018.

Goals for 2018

So once again future self, don’t slack on this!

I wish everyone a happy 2018!