Summer Updates

Lots have been going on this summer and I haven’t had much time to update the site. I’ve been doing lots of kayaking and kayak fishing! Spending most of my free time doing that. I’ve also been busy with kids and their activities. You can see most of my fishing pictures on Instagram

My company also merged with another company out of Seattle and basically I get to work remote full time which is very nice. I’ve been enjoying not having to commute an hour a day to work and back. I don’t know if I’ll take another job that isn’t remote again. This new company is pretty great. I’ve been working on some interesting projects.

With the new job I thought I would update my resume to keep my experience and everything updated. I always forget to do this and someone in HR told me long ago every time you switch a job you should update your resume. So if you are a interested in it you can view it online in PDF

As far as personal projects I’ve been working on a chat app for my daughter and I to talk on and play games. I’ll probably post those up on github soon.

Kickr Chat

I’m still planning this fall once it gets to cold to do fishing. I’m going to start working on the BBS and doing some new ANSi artwork..