Jobby Job Job

I thought I would share a new project that I started working on. It’s called Jobby Job Job. It’s primary function is to aggregate remote programming jobs from 4 different job boards and let you easily see new ones and search them.

I know like why would I make this cause you just got a new job. I mostly made it because I thought it would be fun to make. Personally I’m always looking at positions to see what kind of technologies companies use, also it’s neat to see what kind of perks other companies offer. Also who knows, maybe it might help someone find a remote job. Honestly I just wanted to build something using Ruby and Rails again. I’ve been working in JavaScript and using React Native and I’m not a fan. It’s a struggle for me so it was nice to actually make something and play again.

If you want to check it out, it’s hosted on Heroku. Heroku has a 30 second load time for free domains so please wait. If you are a developer and want to hack on it for Hacktoberfest please submit pull requests. I think it’s a fun project to work on. There isn’t any money or libraries involved. Just something to play around with.

Jobby Job Job

Ok so in other news I met one of my goals for 2018! I got my personal best (pb) bass tonight. 6.13lb large mouth on a wreckin’ craw with a purple/blue rattle swim jig. It felt really good and I’m so happy that I finally did this. It’s taken me all year to do and with fall coming soon the water temperature is starting to cool so there probably isn’t much fishing time left this year. So life is AMAZING!

PB Bass

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