DashTrain ANSi

Now that fishing season is starting to slow down and it’s beginning to get colder out and the nights aren’t as long. I started doing some ANSi art again.

So my last and kind of current job I work on a product called DashTrain which is a platform I built with a great team of individuals that lets you watch training videos for your job or organization.

When we were coming up with logos I created the character called Dash. He’s half train and half tv. I used to draw him all over my window in my office and on the whiteboards. I almost made stickers at one point.

Anyways since Dash will probably not be around much longer I thought it would be nice to draw him with ANSi and memorialize him I suppose. When I get better at ANSi I’ll have to revisit him and do him proper.

If by some miracle anyone on the DashTrain team finds this post. I just want to say thank you for being part of it. It was a magical and exciting time and something that I’ll always remember and cherish. You are all considered family in my book.