New Years 2019.

It’s another New Year! 2019 is going to be an amazing year. It’s also has been one of the toughest starts to a new year I’ve had. I’m still grateful though for everything and I want to keep trucking on.

I would have blogged this sooner and was going to write this up last weekend but my family all got the stomach flu. Like I said this year has been off to a rough start but I feel 100% better now and ready to rock 2019.

Looking Back at 2018

I would say personally it was a pretty ok year. The biggest hurdle was when my company sold/merged with another company and 6 months later getting laid off for reasons which I had nothing to do with. In the end, I ended up at a really good company and working with some very smart people that I personally look up to. It’s been great so far learning from them and being constantly challenged everyday.

Besides landing the amazing job I was able to crush most of my goals I made for 2018

Goals of 2018

Goals for 2019

This year I’m setting myself up to do some different learning activities. I want to get involved in learning a new musical instrument, specifically the Mandolin. I also really want to learn how to fish for multiple species. I got into Crappie last year after frying them up and my god they taste amazing.

I want to try to learn how to do some video type stuff as well. Learn how to create content, edit and publish. I thought about combining this with fishing and starting a YouTube channel. I’m not looking to become popular, it’s going to be just for fun. Maybe do a music one once the weather gets nice and I can do it outside.

So here are my bullets for 2019.

So once again future self, don’t slack on this!

I wish everyone a happy 2019!

P.S. I’m currently working on a new website theme! It might even be worse than this one. Stay tuned!