Discovery Time Talk

I was asked to come back to talk at my wife’s school. The last time was about 2 years ago now. My son has his last year there before he starts kindergarten. Last time I talked at the preschool it was my first time talking with kids about technology and computer programming and I was amazed at how much fun we had. So this time I wanted to do something special.

I dressed up as Albert Einstein, wore a huge white hair wig and lab coat and did the entire presentation with an Austrian accent. It was probably the best performance of my life. The kids loved every minute of it and learned all about how computer programming works.


Like last time I talked here, I gave a high level presentation on computer programming. Giving the who, what, when, why, how and then demonstrated how we could analyze and parse information from a soil moisture sensor. We also did the Adafruit NeoPixels but this time added a microphone so that it could act as a visual equalizer and I let the kids scream to test it!



My conclusion is the same as last time. If you ever get the opportunity to teach kids, do it. You won’t regret it. So thank you very much Discovery Time Preschool for having me. I look forward to the next time!


I uploaded the slideshow to and if you want to see it.

Computer Programming for Preschoolers from willywos