Talking with First Graders

I recently got to talk with the first graders at my local elementary school. I kind of promised last year to do a lab and build bristle bots but the parts I ordered from China on eBay never came in and then school got out for the summer and I told him I would make it up.

So a couple weeks ago I met him at the father daughter dance and he was taking some other girls to the dance that didn’t have a dad to go with (super cool thing to do). I remembered about the presentation and after talking with 4H group I thought I could demo some other projects.


I put my Albert Einstein wig on, my lab coat and taught the kids all about computer programming. I was really surprised to learn that the school had given them chromebooks and they have a very good understanding how how computers work.

I also did a demo with the led neopixel light strip and did a demo with the soil moisture sensor again like what I did with 4H. They loved both projects and I have the light strip interfaced with a microphone so when they scream it really lights up!

I kind of wish I worked at one of these hardware companies so I could do more labs but after 4 or 5 it gets to expensive for me. I was really lucky to have Particle help me out with the soil moisture lab. Maybe someday I can get a job that lets me travel and help share knowledge and get kids into technology.

I think that’s the biggest reward, seeing how excited these kids get and their faces lighting up like I can do that! It’s always such a fun time. Plus you never know, maybe teaching a kid about technology changes the world.