Summer Updates

I’ve been busy again with spring and summer and haven’t had very much time to write. I wanted to post some updates and let you all know I’m doing really good.


So I’ve been doing really good this year with fishing. During the spring time I caught a total of 27 crappies. They were much easier to catch in the spring then when I was catching them late summer last year. Now that it is summer and the crappie have moved off shore I’ve been focusing on fishing for bass. I’m not sure I’m going to hit my pb like last year since the place I’ve usually go fishing is getting over fished.

Iowa is weird, once a place is known to have fish everyone shows the fuck up and takes everything and just destroys the fisheries. It’s like those old fishing memes but I never really believed them until this year.

I’ve got a trip planned to another lake in August that is known to have walleyes and crappies. I’m hopeful I can catch my pb walleye there and maybe some of those hard to catch summer crappies.

New Job Is Good!

I’ve really enjoyed working at this new company. I’m not the greatest at programming React but I’m starting to get used to it. It’s hard to go from something you know and have been doing for 7+ years to picking up new technology and feel like you are being expected to perform at the same level. I’ve told myself it’s no big deal but it does get stressful at times because I don’t want to let my team down. I’m not sure if I’m just old or what but React is really hard for me to figure out and coming from Ruby On Rails it’s a very different kind of framework. I’m going to keep trying to figure it out though and hopefully it gets easier over time.

Other goals

I think I’m flaking on most of my goals right now haha. The mandolin it turns out isn’t that easy to play and it’s really hard to get up and walk/run in the mornings with the kids out of school for the summer..

I’m finding some new interests that are just as positive. I’ve really started to like whittling and going hiking and camping. I like being outside with nature around the campfire (whittling) and getting away from everything. I really want to do some backpacking but I don’t have anyone to go with so if you want to go email me! Right now I’m just going to keep camping and have fun learning. Every time I go I learn new tricks and it gets much easier. The next campground has an observatory next to it and I’m excited to take the kids there to watch the stars.

Happy Summer

Well that concludes the summer updates. I’ll probably post more after summer and start work on some new projects. I have a couple of ideas I want to actually build and get back into doing some ANSi art and pico8 games.