A New Keyboard

A New Keyboard

Hello there! I am typing to you on my new portal themed ortholinear Planck keyboard. I started building this keyboard 8 months ago around the same time I was building my Atreus keyboard. Why did it take this long to finish? Well it took forever to ship the pcb board and the metal plate. See this keyboard only gets produced so many times a year and unfortunately when I ordered the parts orders were just sent out.


As I waited for the orders to be fulfilled and shipped out I kept my eye on keycaps and switches. Now my Atreus keyboard used Gateron Greens which are very clicky and I really liked them. Now I don’t have to worry about the noise level since I have my own office in the basement. I can be as loud as I want to be. I noticed though that the green switches on my Atreus needed to be lubed so that was the first big milestone of building the new keyboard. I had to lube up 64 keys switches.


The next part of my journey was finding the right keycaps. I wanted DSA this time just because those work the best on a ortholinear layout. An ortholinear layout is where all the keys on the keyboard are lined up straight instead of across. I had bought some new keycaps for my larger WASD 104 keyboard that had the orange and blue in kind of a tropical theme. I thought that this looked nice. The orange and the blue reminded me of portal and as I was hunting around for keycaps I stumbled across this portal themed ortholinear keycaps on eBay. Only 20.00! that’s a steal. Now when they came in, they were kind of what I expected. You can tell they were cheap but you get what you paid for. I’ll probably find something else later but for now I plugged them on.

The only problem I had was during assembly. This pcb board, it’s a hot swatch. You didn’t need to solder on any key switches. You just snap them in! Once I got all the switches and key caps snapped on I turned it on..


The keyboard made a sound! WOAH!

I started testing the keys to make sure they worked, I ran into 9 that didn’t. I popped out the key switch and noticed the prong was bent. I unbent the prong and plugged it back in and it worked without a problem. I did this for the remaining 8.

So that’s about it, it was a very easy build. Nothing really went wrong. Now typing on it is kind of weird. Using the raise and lower and trying to remember where certain keys are at is different. I’m not really having any stress on my wrists which is good. The ortholinear layout seems nice because you notice your fingers not having to stretch as far. I’m pretty pleased with the entire experience and would recommend if you were looking into getting into a smaller ortho keyboard, give the Planck a shot.